Friday, September 29, 2006

Dafydd El v Marek - round 8 ish.

Oh Dear! I hear that yesterday's meeting of the House Committee turned out to be a seriously buising affair. The two great protagonists rained wave upon wave of heavy artillary down upon the heads of each other. Collateral damage has not yet been assessed but the besandaled bridge master used an unusual convention by resigning from the chair. Has the Meirionydd Machiavelli forced a backwards step? What does this move mean? What cards do they each hold? No-one knows the answers yet.
The questions on the lips of observers are 'How long can this go on'? and 'When will the coup de grace be delivered'? For me, this is watching two old friends playing out a drama which I fear could turn out to be our own tragic version of West Side Story. The Government of Wales Act is going to leave the a field littered with casualties. We all want a new sleeker stronger National Assembly to emerge into the spring sunshine next May but I sense dark clouds approaching.

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