Friday, September 22, 2006

Waterfront on form

Lee Waters gave Ieuan some stick on Waterfront last night - and it was well deserved. Ieuan was banging on about 'polcy before personality' against the background of yesterday's party political which was more like a 'Hello' video with Iuean looking like some sort of Welsh Ghandi. And we are having all these massive 'freebee' promises that are not remotely affordable. That long walk across Wales must have given him a Santa Claus complex. I suppose Plaid think it worked for Rhodri last time round. I desperately hope we don't join in this 'bidding war' in our manifesto.

And Lee's item on the NHS was well done too. We have all signed up to the Wanless health service reform agenda. We know that the 'no-change' approach is killing thousands of people. We know that there must be some rationalisation of services if we want the best value for money in the NHS. I think we all need to press the integrity button in this debate. I still think my suggestion in the Chamber last Thursday of a full three hour debate with 10 minute speeches on secondary care reform would flush out the opportunists.

The spellcheck on my computer does not recognise Ieuan - and suggests Iguana as an alternative. I have heard politicians described as reptiles before but it coming to something when my omputer agrees.

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