Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today's media is full of the Welsh public's burgeoning love for their National Assembly. It seems that Electoral Commission research has found that 54% of people think devolution has improved the way Wales is governed - while only 13% think the opposite. Well, I had an email from a regular Wrexham correspondent who read my blog about'Welsh Water to English Cities' (Tuesday). He tells me he thinks that the 'expensive farce is falling apart and is on the point of collapse'. I should add that in the same email he went on to say that'if water is needed in London to satisfy the thirst of all those Welshmen who have been wise enough to move there, why not flood a valley or two to satisfy the situation. It may drown a few sheep but what the hell'. Clearly, not everyone is yet convinced of the need to take note of the sensitivities of Welsh history. I guess he is one of the 13%.
The downside of the same survey is that no-one has got a clue about what the Assembly actually does. Now this could be the master plan of those who want to see a proper law making Parliament set up in Wales. While everyone is prevented from finding out what the Assembly is doing, it will become ever more popular. I first grasped this principle some weeks ago when I read that Conservative policy on health at Westminster was now more popular than Labour's - and had been since David Cameron was elected our leader and, in effect decided that we do not have a policy on health at the moment because we are working on a new one which will not be ready until next year. Now we know why Rhodri Morgan never includes information in the answers he gives us.

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