Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Presiding Officer's Revenge.

Dafydd Elis Thomas visited the most bloody revenge upon his Deputy Presiding Officer, John Marek in the Chamber today. He did owe him one following the battle of the emails when Paul Silk's departure was announced a few days ago. John was presiding over 8 separate votes on Tory amendments when the voting was 28 for the Government and 28 for the Opposition. By the Assembly's casting vote protocol, John had to cast his vote for Labour and save the Government's skin on 8 separate occasions. It was like an old 'Rocky' film - painful to watch. The Labour benches cheered, the Opposition felt cheated, Rhodri shook off his 'tiredness' and smiled to himself while the Meirionydd Machiavelli was probably howling with laughter and videoing the whole thing so that he could watch it again whenever he feels the need for a a pick-me-up. Melding quipped " Two more votes and they will be giving him the whip back". There is no way the old chess master in sandals is going to take this lying down and I am waiting for his next move.

I was really disappointed not to get in on a question to Alun Pugh on youth participation in sport today. I wanted to put a plug in for the most inspirational sports personality of the year. If there is any justice in the world of sport, Nicole Cooke should win every award going in 2007. She has won the World Championships, the Women's Tour de France, virtually every other title going and she is the first British cyclist (male or female) to become the World no 1 - and she is Welsh. Nicole is just amazing and our Sports Minister should be giving her the same treatment that went to our Grand Slam boys 2 years ago.

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