Saturday, November 03, 2007

What will they say?

I'm always keen to show my reactionary side. So here I go again. This time its factual rather than opinion - but the inference will be clear.

During the 200th anniversary discussions on the abolition of slavery which have continued throughout the last year, many commentators have reflected on what our descendants in another 200 years will look back on, as today's deeply immoral practises. Which brings me to the recommendations of the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee about abortion last week.

This Committee (which did not take into account ethical considerations) want abortion to be made easier. It seems that the 200,000 abortions that take place annually at present is not enough. And they do not think that the legal age limit where a foetus can be aborted should be reduced below 24 weeks. It was comments on this issue by Professor Stuart Campell, the pioneer of images of babies in the womb that caught my ear. According to the Telegraph, Professor Campbell explained in some detail on the Today programme that a late abortion (over 20 weeks I assume) takes place by inducing the birth of the foetus. If it has not already been killed by an injection to the heart (not always the case) then it is allowed to die. To me this seems rather like murder, by another name. It may be that it will not take 200 years before this deeply shocking practice is judged as repugnant.


alanindyfed said...

Abortion is now used as a form of contraception.
It is highly unnatural and the practice ought to be outlawed.
Society has developed a callous attitude towards human life.

Ken Stevens said...

Slavery started as a normal thing; then sentiment turned against it until abolition (in the West, anyway!).

Abortion is evolving t'other way round.Therefore ponder the horrific prospect that, in 200 years, abortion might be regarded as rather ordinary, with techniques developed that make it no more than a trip to the dentist.

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - I wouldn't outlaw abortion. Just outlaw it after 18 weks and generally discourage it. I think we're on the same wavelength though.

Ken - I suppose you are right. The thing is we do not know how things will turn out. But what an awful prospect you raise. Its probably more difficult to get to see an NHS dentist than it is to have an abortion!!

Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats said...

Jenny Willott MP wants to add counselling to the pre-abortion procedures.

This seems to me to answer the critics who say that women (and girls) treat procured abortions lightly under the existing Act.

We can't go back to the days of "Vera Drake".

- Frank Little

Glyn Davies said...

Frank - I'm with Jenny on this - but it doesn't negate my point about the 24 week limit. I don't think there are many who would return to back street abortions - but do really think that we should make it even easier when there are 200,000 approx abortions every year as it is?