Sunday, November 04, 2007

Good Luck Joe

Its been a long day. 1.00 and I've just returned home from a splendid concert in Caersws Village Hall - having spent most of the day building a bonfire (apart from having to give gorgeous little Ffion a bottle that is). The whole brood always come home for 'Bonfire Night' - so there's Edward and Karen (Ffion's mum and dad), Patrick and Verity up from Maidenhead, Sally over from Nottingham, Tim and Adrienne up from Cardiff - and Norm of course (Mrs D's mum).

Anyway, bonfire was over by 8.00 and I went to the concert where Andy and Iona topped the bill, supported by Glyn Williams, a versatile tenor, and Angharad, a local violinist. Ivor and Dilys, who organised it asked me to do the draw. Ivor asked me to speak as well. I couldn't think of anything to say, so I mentioned Ffion - she's only four weeks and she gets everywhere. First ticket out was Delme's, dinner for two in the Aleppo - so I will join Delme to enjoy it( + Mrs D and probably Eileen).

I also said that we all needed a good concert to cheer us up - with Ray Gravell dying in the week. So many anecdotes about Ray. He came to Caersws a few years ago to do some programme and asked an elderly lady "You lived here all your life, cariad?" "Not yet" she said. I liked that.

Anyway its too late and I'm too tired to listen to Joe's fight tonight. It will be a great occasion in the Millennium Stadium with 50,000 cheering him on. I went to watch the first big fight in the Arms Park when Lennox Lewis just about beat Frank Bruno in 1993. They're all talking Kessler up to be a real threat - but they did the same with Lacy, and Joe demolished him. Joe is a class act, and he seems a decent sort as well. I really hope he puts a smile on the downcast face of Welsh sport tonight. Good luck Joe.

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