Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ID Cards

Why on earth have I been so opposed to ID Cards? It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that the 'Government' would allow confidential information to be acquired by criminals who might use it for less than benevolent uses. You can depend on the 'government' to treat any information which it might hold with the utmost care and security. Oh yes it will. Or perhaps not as the case may be.

What price ID Cards now.


Anonymous said...

Glyn - do you think it is about time Nick Bourne abandoned his softly softly approach to plaid Cymru and went for the jugular regarding next year's council elections, painting them to be the willing partners of the idiots in power? I lways thought the Tories were way too soft during the Assembly election, especially over the cyncial way that Plaid exploited the hospitals issue. If you want power, then you have got to show you want it.

The Half-Blood Welshman said...

The price of ID cards is the loss of your identity and rampaging fraud and theft - or possibly thrauf and deff if the Government's command of English goes the way of its command of its own departments.

Mind, they seem to be managing to destroy our security quite impressively in the most expensive and incompetent manner possible even WITHOUT ID cards...

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I agree with this. I want to see a coalition between the Conservatives and Plaid at some stage in the future. It must be so if we want to be in Government. But politics is a tough game. Plaid are the Government and we are the opposition at present - so it must be 'up and at 'em'. They will expect nothing else.

Half blood - 100% agreed

Anonymous said...

What Price ID Cards - no price never ever, ever never.
Jumping up and down saying no way.
Yes I too can be passionate, if stupid policies are bandied
Go Glyn plenty of support for you on that one.

Glyn Davies said...

VM - you and me both. There have been quite a few in my party who have supported ID Cards (If they have nothing to hide, why should tney worry!!). I have always been implacably opposed, and I hope this incident will persuade more peoeple to turn against them.