Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pottering About

23.30 hrs and back to my keyboard after two days away in Cardiff on what might be called a 'gossip holiday'. All this 'healthy eating to prevent cancer' stuff on the media today leads me to post about my evening dining. Monday evening it was sea bass at Cafe Rouge in Cardiff Bay - which I thought was as good as anything in the Bay and recommended. We'll go there again. Tuesday evening, it was a bit more upmarket where I enjoyed the cod at The Olive Tree in Penarth. This is a really classy restaurant and recommended even more. And tonight, it was monk fish at the Griffin at Felinfach, near Brecon, on the way home. I have posted before that this is my favourite restaurant in Wales. We were even offered a choice of salt free butter, which was a first for me, and which I took. Healthy eating or what.

Catalyst for the visit was Mrs D's visit to Ken Picton's where 'Dre beautified her (at great expense I'm sure) - but she's worth it. This afternoon I went on the City Tour Bus to see how our Capital City is being sold to the world's visitors. Big fuss of Lloyd George's statue near the Museum, with particular emphasis on his prodigious, almost Clintonesque sexual achievements. Only thing I learned was that Captain Scott enjoyed his farewell dinner with friends at the Royal Hotel on St Mary's Street before setting off in the Terra Nova from the Bay in 1910 - when he lost the race to the South Pole and his life. Should have some time to catch up on what's been happening tomorrow.

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