Thursday, November 08, 2007

Unusual excuse M'lud

I have always been amused by some of the excuses given before our judges and magistrates. The BBC is reporting today that a 27 year old man from Mid Wales has been ordered to undertake 100 hours community service for exposing himself to a lady motorist as she was overtaking him - and also ordered to pay the lady £250 as compensation. His excuse for doing this was that he was taking a photograph of his genitals to send to his girlfriend!! I do find it difficult to imagine just how he was performing this manoeuvre. The BBC did not inform us whether he was also given 3 points on his driving licence.


Anonymous said...

Exactly how did he have time to do this, unless he was driving naked to begin with?! No matter what speed the parties were going, a vehicle is not that big and takes no more than a few seconds to overtake?

Secondly, how did the female driver know ... shouldn't she be looking at the road, for er, such things as oncoming vehicles, since she was overtaking / on the wrong side of the road?

Or did she see this in the mirror after?

For the record, I'm female.

Glyn Davies said...

Anon - I'm told that she was driving a lorry, which gave her a bird's eye view of 'things'. I'm also told that the story was all over Radio Cymru, where the gory details were discussed at length.

Anonymous said...

a birds eye view - or a case of letting the bird see the worm