Thursday, November 22, 2007

Long Day

1.00 in the morning and knackered. Pity because I've two issues I really would like to get off my chest. It will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Its been a long day. It all started when Mrs D offered to bring Ffion, our seven week old little jewel into our bedroom for the night. The idea was that Granny and Taid should give the stressed out parents a night off to recover. So I did the 2.30 feed and arose at 5.00 for onward travel to London. High point was lunch at Cipriani where my enjoyment was increased by a discussion about the impossibility for Gordon Brown to escape the consequences of the Northern Rock fiasco. Actually, it isn't funny at all, because it is now clear that several billion pounds of taxpayer's money has been blown - never to be recovered. More from the discussion tomorrow.

And later on, went to a reception in the House of Lords, sponsored by Baroness Jan Royall for Kidney Foundation Wales. More on this event tomorro as well.

Anyway, am going to bed rather pleased with myself. Mrs D and Karen had gone to bed when I arrived home. Son Edward was in charge of the 12.30 feed. Not only did I muscle in, but we decided to have a crack at changing the nappy as well. Now neither of us has tackled this procedure before, (or not for 30 years in my case) - but we thought that between us, we ought to be able to manage it. Problem is that I'm never used one of these disposable things before. Anyway, with a bit of sciencing and struggling and little feet kicking, after two attempts, we managed to pull it off - both the nappy and the procedure. The two women of the house fast asleep in bed - and the two men of the house losing their nappy changing virginity. Who says I'm not 'new man'!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have the 'nappy changing procedure' on film. It would be a hit on youtube

Anonymous said...

hey didnt know you were mates with Labour Lovie and kinnockite Jan Royal .woooooooo closet Crachach eh

Oscar said...


Lovely place Glyn , hell of a price though!
I was there in July and the bill for 2 came to £140.00, 3 glasses of Wine and a bottle of water. 2 of us!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - no films but it would be comical.

VM - not a 'mate, but I do know Jan, and she seeems ok to me.

oscar - I wasn't paying!! I could see that an evening meal would cost me a bomb. I didn't know I had readers who were so flush that they ate at Cipriani

Oscar said...

Try Luciano next time , very nice!