Monday, November 05, 2007

Speaking with two tongues.

Been speaking at a Federation of Small Business today. Very lucky to get there. As I was showering in preparation to go, I realised that I didn't know where the lunch was being held - except that it was somewhere in Newtown. Rang my contact number. No reply. Panic. Rang those people I thought might be going. No joy. Rang every feasible venue in Newtown. Still no joy. So searched the FSB website, and managed to find Russell Lawson's mobile number. Saved at the last minute. Don't suppose its the first time there's been a politician with a lot to say, but with absolutely no idea what direction he's going!! Oh, by the way, the lunch was at the Royal Oak in Welshpool.

I was speaking as the President of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales. So kept off the politics completely. First question was about the recent outrageous changes made by the Chancellor to Capital Gains Tax - and the second demanded that I explain how the UK's membership of the EU is of any benefit to Mid Wales!! I should have guessed as soon as I saw Bruce Lawson, the local face of Ukip in the audience. In fact it turned out to be a really good session. It helps that I rather like Bruce (no relation to Russell) despite the electoral damage he does me. FSB are a very important body for the Conservative Party. So had to leave the feeding of Ffion to Mrs D this afternoon. Everything has its price.

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