Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lib Dem Punch-up

Alright, so I'm exaggerating a bit - there were no actual punches thrown. But the two candidates for the Lib Dem leadership couldn't hide their intense dislike of each other when they appeared on the BBC'S Politics Show today. So much for this idea that they are two Mr Nicey-niceys. Neither of them is in Vince Cable's league. Its just that they are both prettier.

I'm quoting Chris Huhne directly when describing 'flip flopping Calamity Clegg "Why are you trying to make sure that there is'nt a paper trail on these key issues ahead of the leadership if you're not trying to face both ways". Take that you two faced charlatan!! I remember watching the contest for the Tory leadership between David Davis and David Cameron, and being deeply impressed by the civility of a contest which must have been of great importance to both of them. This is the main reason why we do look like a united team. I wonder what spin AM, Peter Black, top blogger and flip flopper fan will put on this PR disaster for whoever wins.

I hope that I'm not being unduly unfair to the Lib Dems, but I thought the ability to face both ways was something of an essential requirement for their leader.


Miss Wagstaff said...

They were both so well behaved on Question Time. I bet Jon Sopel couldn't believe his luck. .

Glyn Davies said...

Miss W - Neither could Gordon Brown and David Cameron. Even the damage limitation hasn't gone well. I knew there would be problems as soon as Lembit came out in favour of Calamity.