Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thankyou Gordon

Its the least I can do. My nain always told me to thank people when they did somethoing nice - and sending me an unsolicited cheque for £200 in a very nice gesture indeed. In fact, the letter came from the Department of Work and Pensions and it informed me that the Department "are sending out Winter Fuel Payments to help meet the cost of winter heating bills". But it was Gordon who fixed it. Its well timed too. I have just paid for a tankful of heating fuel. I remember discussing the shocking cost of household heating fuel with Alun Cairns last year, after he had moved into his new house which was much bigger and thirstier than his previous house. And poor old Alun doesn't even have the Winter Fuel Payment to offset.

Anyway, this post is my way of thanking my great benefactor for the cheque which today's communication tells me is in the post. Things are not going so well for him at the moment, so a nice word from me might help put a smile on his face. Not one of these awful forced grimaces that Gordon performs when he remembers he's supposed to smile (it worked for Tony) but a genuine facial expression of pleasure. So here goes. Dear Gordon, Thank you for my £200, which will not buy me as many bottles of Sancerre as it used to, but is much appreciated nonetheless, Many thanks, Glyn


Anonymous said...

Annwyl Glyn, just be carefull, with the recent news of politicians recieving chegues and getting into trouble for not checking who they came from. Do you know this G Brown ? Is he an honest sort ? Can he be trusted ? Is he acting for a third party ? Just be carefull !

Glyn Davies said...

The best news is that the money is not being sent by disk

alanindyfed said...

Glyn Davies giving thanks for small mercies.