Friday, November 02, 2007

In the Shadow of Fame.

"Glasses off, gyrating and dancing provocatively". That's how tonight's Shropshire Star opens its report on Lembit Opik's performance at last Wed's Marine Connections Safety Net Ball, held at the Grosvenor Hotel in Park Lane. And there were 4 accompanying photographs (2 on the front page) of my Member of Parliament with his girlfriend, whose sheer backless dress did not impose a great burden on the imagination. Such massive publicity in Montgomeryshire, where the Shropshire Star is our evening paper, is the stuff of dreams for me. The only publicity I've managed to scrape together this weekend has concerned rather mundane things - like the future of the Minor Injuries Unit at Newtown Hospital and the desperately poor prices that are being realised by our sheep farmers. Perhaps, the job of being an MP is changing into something that I'm not cut out to be.!

The Star article also reported Lembit as saying that the Irimia twins intend to join in the annual Santa Run in Newtown next month. I hope that they wear something a little warmer than they were wearing at the Ball - and footwear a little more 'sensible' than the vertiginous heels. We really wouldn't want anything unnecessarily shocking to occur in Newtown until we all know precisely where the Minor Injuries Unit is going to be located.


alanindyfed said...

Time that you stepped the light fantastic with a bit of competition to dazzle the prospective voters?
You might collect a few off the race track at the Formula 1 venues to enhance your image.
I'm sure the tabloids would be delighted in this age of superficiality and decadence!

Glyn Davies said...

Alan - I did participate in a Srictly Come Dancing evening in Montgomeryshire recently which seemed to go down rather well. But it in no way competed with last week's 'performance'.

Anonymous said...

'glasses off, gyrating and dancing provocatively'. Glyn, for God sakes get out campaigning and rid us of this embarrassment. He just gets worse.