Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bow Wow gets married

So Mr P Selvakiman, a 33 year old Indian farm labourer has married his dog. It seems he took a shine to Selvi when he spotted her wearing an orange sari and garlanded with flowers. Oh, and she'd just had a bath which suggests that some beguiling fragrance may have played some part in turning Mr Selvakiman's head. It all sounds rather romantic. However, the Telegraph reports that Selvi was a touch overwhelmed by the full blown, 200 guest reception and ran away. But everything ended happily because she was recaptured, returned to her betrothed, who rewarded her with a glass of milk and a bun. Most men would have had to fork out for champagne and a gold brooch in similar circumstances.

I do recall someone once telling me that his best mate had married 'a dog', but I took this to be a derogatory term for a woman whose appearance had not met with his approval. I should add that this is not a term that I've used myself. And I recall another acquaintance referring to 'the bitch indoors', but again I took it that he was using a derogatory term born of transient anger. I also know of an MP who likes to be referred to by his girlfriend as Bow Wow. It does take all sorts. Under normal circumstances none of this is particularly noteworthy. But today is the first occasion that I have read reports of a man actually marrying his dog.

I hope that the RSPCA keeps an eye on the situation. I accept that the Indian legal system could be somewhat different from ours, but I suspect that there could be potential for something legally dubious in all this. Finally, It would be churlish of this blog if I did not wish the happy couple a long and stress free marriage. Everything will be ok if Mr Selvakiman carries on tickling her tummy. In my limited experience this works for most marriages .

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