Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kill the Squirrel

Its late and I'm just catching up with the Sundays. Ffion has been dominating. She arrived this morning, and we sat for a while just looking at the greater spotted on the nut feeder. And then it was feeding time. Later in the afternoon it was bath time. Five weeks old and this was a first for me. She absolutely loved it. Cute or what! And then it was Strictly Come Dancing, when Ffion was 'dumped' on me because she was seriously agitated about something. I accept that I am already developing a 'special' Taid's skill for calming her down - but only with limited success today. So no chance to read the papers or visit my keyboard til tonight.

As pointing out the woodpecker to Ffion this morning, I also pointed out the horrible grey rodents scurrying about the garden that make rats seem not so bad. There are grey squirrels everywhere. I hope my granddaughter will have been subliminally inculcated with my antipathy to this horrible pest. At least readers of today's Sunday Telegraph will have seen David Richardson's half page outlining his hatred of greys. The headline is 'KILL THAT SQUIRREL'. And about time too. For too long we've treated this monster in our midst as a 'cute little animal'. 'Cute it is very definitely not. Now red squirrels are an entirely different matter. They're almost as cute as grandchildren.

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