Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Little Hearts Matter

So many good things go on below the radar. Last night, Carole Davies arranged a promise auction at the Dragon Hotel, Montgomery at which there were 120 lots donated by local people. The money was going to a charity called Little Hearts Matter, where more info is available at lhm.org.uk. The money goes to a help-line for parents who've lost a baby. It was a super night out, where much pleasure was had, and a total of £5,500 was raised.

Top sale items of the night were a two week holiday for 10 in Florida which made £1050 (cheap at the price) and a football signed by the Man Utd first team which made £415 (also cheap at the price). The auctioneer's assistant, an Everton fan donned blue gloves in order to display the ball during the auction. Overpriced item of the night was an aeroplane flight for 3 in Lembit Opik's aeroplane. It made £100. You just can't believe what some people will pay for. To my chagrin, it made four times as much as my promise to conduct a party around my garden, plus four hostas. I bought a full car valet for £40 and a box of organic meat for £34. I was a bit lucky on a 'Walk with Iolo Williams'. I took the bidding up to £100 before I dropped out - what with farming the way it is, and no AM's salary! Anyway, it turned out that it was a walk for 10 and the buyer offered Mrs D and me two places for £20. Good business.

I suspect that this post will be the only write-up that this fantastic event will have - which is why I've done it. To me, its so much bigger a story than most of the press releases I see pouring out of political party offices.


alanindyfed said...

Greetings My Lord Powys,

I read that your name is being bandied about as a possible representative for Wales in the House of Lords.
Should this ever come about I would trust that you would use your position to further the cause of a full Paliament for Wales, and work
towards the full democratization of the House as a fully elected assembly, as the interim measure before dissolution of the Union.

Glyn Davies said...

alan - it was only the soon-to-be-enobled Lord Wigley. I think he said that people with experience of the Assembly should raised to the ermine, and suggested me. Which led to David Williamson of the Western Mail asking me if I would do it. I suppose most politicians would have avoided answering, but I tend to answer questions. So I said that if I was asked sometime in the future, I would accept - which probably ensures that I woill never be asked!! If it did happen, I would continue to hold and argue for the positions that I support - which is a law making National Assembly and part democratization of the Lords