Friday, November 09, 2007

No I wouldn't Nerys.

Tomos Livingstone, writing in today's Western Mail reports Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, Nerys Evans as saying

"The Conservatives... ... portray themselves as 'devo-friendly and support a Welsh Parliament in the Assembly, but the second they arrive in London, they do all they can to stop further powers coming to Wales".

Nerys should be more careful with her wording. It may be true that current Conservative AMs portray themselves as 'devo-friendly'. It may also be true that the three current Conservative MPs who represent Welsh constituencies are more 'devo-sceptical'. What is not true, as far as I know, is that any Conservatives have changed their minds 'as soon as they arrive in London'. I would like to reassure Nerys that I support the granting of law making powers to the National assembly in all devolved areas - and that I would rather cut off my toes than change my mind if I were to be elected as MP to represent Montgomeryshire at the next General Election.

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Anonymous said...

I would rather cut off my toes than change my mind

Have you been watching those Korean films Jonathan Ross is always going on about?