Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Please, don't let it be Lembit.

Just had a nightmarish thought. All this talk about a prominant Labour MP and a prominant Lib-Dem MP jumping ship to join the Tories had seemed to me to be encouraging news. I would roll out the red carpet for someone like Kate Hoey or Vince Cable or Nick Clegg. But what if it turned out to be Lembit - attracted by David Cameron's promise of another vote on the hunting ban. My home county of Montgomeryshire has suffered enough. How much is a one-way ticket to Australia?


Alison said...

Didn't Lembit sit on the fence as far as a hunting went? Took a middle road?

Glyn Davies AM said...

Alison the so-called 'middle way' would be acceptable to all now - and, in reality is the 'only way' if the ban were to be overturned.