Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bottle of Chardonnay

Politics is about taking decisions - big important decisions. You never know on which day the big questions are going to face you. One faced me today. Bravely, I put to one side the constant scrabble for votes.

It happened like this. I held a surgery come coffee morning at Llanfyllin this morning - a formula which works well. Many people feel uncomfortable turning up at a formal surgery - but are happy to come to a fund raising event, such as today's do which I arranged in support of the local Church's 'Six Bells Appeal'. This morning there were lots of coffee drinkers and lots of people.

Then there was a raffle - and I had spotted a nice bottle of Chardonnay amongst the 10 or so prizes. I usually say "draw again" when I win - but when my ticket came up for the Chardonnay today, something came over me. Big decision. I accepted the Shamwari, which we have enjoyed tonight. Politics has its tough decisions and its compensations.

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