Friday, January 19, 2007

Alun Pugh's New Suit

The wonderful news about the Metrix contract dominated Welsh politics this week. Which is the only reason that Alun Pugh's new 'snakeskin suit' attracted no media comment.

It was an extraordinary creation. Not only did it have a glossy sheen, reminiscent of a starling's back feathers, which reflected the light - but it was embellished with noisy scarlet stripes, acting as Alun's Labour 'loyalty card'. And the fulsome poppy-red silk liming was stunningly fluorescent. I am sure Katherine Jenkins has a dress made out of the same material. In my opinion, Alun deserves recognition of the great courage displayed in the way he so fearlessly stepped out in such glamorous attire.

What was Alun playing at I asked myself. Possibly looking for a new career as a circus ringmaster or a casino croupier if he loses his seat to our man, Darren Miller next May. Possibly inspired by Lembit Opik's new threads on display in Hello magazine this week - Alun has always had an eye for publicity. Alun told me that 'the suit' was hand made in Bangkok. Anyway, by 5.00 it had been replaced by something a bit less 'colourful' - reportedly, following excessive 'admiration' by his colleagues.

It will be interesting to see if the 'Snakeskin suit' makes a repeat appearance.


Anonymous said...

When Darren Miller wins, not if.... tut tut tut.

Peter Black said...

I am sure he had it on last term as well Glyn.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Anon, I accept your reprimand. I do firmly believe Darren will win. Its just that public displays of over-confidence can backfire. Remember Kinnock at Sheffield.

I really cannot believe that I missed that suit - if it has had a previous outing. I am sure that it was a one and only event.