Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brass Neck of The Year - 2007

This blog's annual awards must be highly prized.So much so that the Secretary of State no less has put in an early bid for the title of 'Brass Neck of The Year - 2007'.
Soon after 7.00 this morning Post Cynta were on the phone. Was I available to respond to Peter Hain's comments about Plaid Cymru and the Tories planning to dismember the United Kingdom. After I had established in my own mind that I wasn't in the middle of some fantasy/dream I agreed.

It seems that Peter Hain has said that "The UK could be broken up by a coalition of Tories and nationalists". Now I am on record as saying that I am willing to consider working with Ieuan's disparate 'daffodils', but I didn't have in mind bringing down the shutters on the UK. To be fair to Plaid I don't think this is on their agenda either (except perhaps for the Faslane Tendancy). Rhodri Glyn Thomas was quite right to describe Peter's comments as "totally absurd".

Now ,let us consider this fellow, Peter Hain. He was the fellow who helped drive through devolution in 1997 - despite all the warnings that without resolving the West Lothian Question, the constitution was being destabilised. ( He is also a keen accomplice in the Euro-federalists UK-wrecking plan to divide the UK into 9 (?) separate regions.) From the beginning, it has been obvious to anyone who isn't blinded by political partisanship that there must be a mechanism to ensure that the English can decide on matters that relate only to the English. When Peter tries to point the finger at Plaid and the Tories, he ignores the fact that a majority of the population of England are now in favour of cutting Scotland adrift. And it was Peter wot done it.

Peter Hain is a worthy recipient of of this blog's Brass Neck of the Year - 2007


Anonymous said...
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JohnJo said...

I'm not sure it's entirely tru that the majority want to cut Scotland adrift, however your general point about Hain's brass neck is well made. It's like the reaction of children spilling milk in slow motion. If it were not so serious it would be funny.

How any of these people managed not to see this constitutional mess coming always amazes me. That the English are beginning to react, and that our friends in both Wales and Scotland are showing support, was the only way this could go.

Anonymous said...

If we are all honest, the damage to the union has been done and there is no cure, The English call for independence is not going away and will grow and grow, within 10 years we will have our own parliament and full independence, there is simply no going back. Labours treatment of England has made certain of this.

regards 3 lions