Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cancer - Is it Fate?

According to BBC Wales, less of us in Wales believe that healthy living can reduce the risk of cancer. I only part believe it myself - although I do believe physical fitness and mental attitude can help deal with it, when it strikes. Certainly helped me cope when I went down with colorectal cancer 4 years ago.

Cancer Research UK reckon that over 50% of cancer cases can be prevented. It seems that the most affluent people are willing to agree while the poorest people are resigned to their fate. In many cases, early detection is the secret for recovery.

So in this New Year, let us as a nation smoke less, not get so fat, take more exercise, eat more fruit and veg, drink more water and less alcohol, have more sex and don't overdo the sunbathing.


Anonymous said...

"have more sex and don't overdo the sunbathing."

So Wales is just about the perfect place then really?

Now that I'm 'aboard' may I have a link in your sidebar please?

On Cancer, would one in three Welsh people not also think being run over by a lorry is down to fate, rather than taking a little bit more care crossing the road.

In a society where half of all people still claim to believe in God, the statistic is hardly surprising.

Glyn Davies AM said...

Blamerbell - will do. Do I put you under Tory blogs like everyone else does? Should cause a bit of family strife!
The point that interested me was that more Welsh people believed in fate than anywhere else in the UK.
I got all the precautionary advice from books - except the bit about more sex which I made up

Anonymous said...

"Do I put you under Tory blogs like everyone else does?"

No thanks. But cheers for the invitation - you are all so welcoming.