Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lembit Update - No 9

It was my first time. I had reached the stage in life when I didn't think it would happen. The experience would have passed me by. But 'No', it happened today. I refused an invitation to 'appear' on Good Morning Wales.

I was asked to tell the listening public what I think of Lembit's latest antics. I just think it would be a pity to intervene in the process of self-destruction. It seems that he, Gabi, Gabi's mum and Rocky, the Irish Wolfhound are plastered all over 8 pages of this week's Hello magazine - about 24 hours after Lembit told the BBC that he did not want to discuss his private life in public. Perhaps the BBC should have tried offering him a few shedloads of cash.

Anyway , it has come as a great relief to us all to learn from today's Evening Standard that Lem's besotment with Gabi is nothing to do with 'lust'. Perish the thought! It seems the basis of the relationship is entirely 'intellectual'. That must be why Hello reported that he was all over her like a rash during the photo-shoot - or at least stealing kisses all the time. Lem must have been reassured by Gabi's response when asked if he was her first true love. "I hope so" was the enigmatic reply. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

There is a silver lining for the Lib Dems though - two, if you count Eleanor Burnham's availabitity to take over as Leader in Wales. Hello contracts usually stipulate that recipients of their shedloads of money have to remain silent for 28 days afterwards. I wonder whether this applies to Gabi's mum.

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