Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Post Bites The Dust

Decided to delete another of my posts. Only the second time ever - and on the advice of my 'taste weathervane', Richard Hazlewood, our media guru. I always take Richard's advice. But you can bet the farm on some other blogger having it highlighted on a post somewhere else in the blogosphere. I hope that Blamerbell, Peter Black etc haven't been visiting today!

It was my latest caption competition - two Scots (I hope 'Scots' does not have the same derogatory connotation as 'Japs'), dressed in kilts, with one of them displaying rather more of his anatomy than he'd intended. I posted it yesterday after a solid 7 hours political discussion without a break. In such a weakened state, I allowed standards to drop, almost to Channel 4 levels. Anyway, I am now rested and it is intended that this blog return to its customery 'right side of the fence' standard.

Just noticed that the judge who didn't send the sex offender, Derek Williams to jail yesterday was Peter Rogers brother. Peter, a colleague AM until the last Assembly election, was one of the most colourful and courageous politicians that I ever worked with. It looks as if fearlessness and a refusal to bow down before bullying authority is a family trait.


Anonymous said...

Actually it was the Wales Elects blog that drew attention to it.

Good job you took it (them) off. Otherwise people could have said your blog was b*llocks with some justification.

Peter Black said...

I see that you left the post in which you said that you could see nothing wrong with using the term 'Japs'. You need a new spin doctor! :-)

Glyn Davies AM said...

Peter, I admitted that I hadn't realised 'Japs' was a derogatory term. I'm lucky that I wasn't substituting for the Presiding Officer - because I wouldn't have seen much wrong with what Eleanor said - apart from using the word piddling. Because I never want to cause offence, I will certainly never make the same mistake your Lib Dem colleage made.

Anonymous said...

Peter Black should realise that no one of Glyn's age would ever see the word 'Jap' as racist. It was the word used by the British and others for much of the 20th century to describe the inhabitants of Japan. Peter Black should be more worried by Burnham's awful performance on Dragon's Eye. She made 'Cheeky boy' Opik look lke a political giant!