Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blog Power.

No sooner does this blog point out that seeking an advantage in the education of one's offspring by buying a property in the catchment area of a good school is no different from paying school fees for a private school, than the green eyed fascists in the Labour Party come up with a plan to scrap catchment areas - at least according to todays Telegraph.

This is madness by crazed politicians, desperate to distract public gaze from the hypocrocy of one of its own ministers. The idea is that children would be 'bussed' across the city to an area they do not know, for social engineering objectives - when the school of their choice is next door to where they live. It would be environmentally damaging. It would cause even more transport problems and more obesity because children could not walk to school - or walk home for lunch. And it won't work anyway. What it will do is lead to an explosion of interest in private education. I hope that devolution will prevent such stupidity being forced on Wales.

And what is this envy-driven bunch of control freaks who are planning education policy at present going to do about all the advantage that is being 'purchased' via extra private lessons for students before exams? Ban that as well. Why not go the whole hog and ban parents who are itellectually equipped to give their offspring an advantage from teaching their own children? i really think we are watching the ravings of a government on its way out.


Peter Black said...

Glyn, as you use the word so often you should know that it is spelt 'hypocrisy'

Glyn Davies AM said...

Thanks. My spelling isn't grate! I won't spell hypocrisy wrong again.