Wednesday, January 03, 2007

All Change for the Lib Dems - Perhaps

Lots of coverage today of Ming Campbell's determination to remain as leader of the Lib Dems. Poor old IDS didn't last long after being forced to make these sort of statements. It is all very worrying. I had been banking on a Campbell/Opik 'dream team' leading the Lib Dems into the Assembly election - giving real hope to the electoral chances of sparkling Suzy Davies in Brecon and Radnorshire and the hard working Dan Munford in Montgomeryshire. We should expect some 'helpful' comments from Welsh Lib Dems over the next few days about how incredibly young Ming looks and how Lembit 'hasn't done anything wrong'. Don't rule out a Nick Clegg/Eleanor Burnham 'dream team' taking over in the next few weeks.

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