Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Confused Re My Question

There is an top-class recycling centre, called Cae Post, based at Trewern, near Welshpool. When Nick Bourne 'allocated' me the opportunity to ask a supplementary question at yesterday's First Minister's Questions, I decided to give Cae Post a plug. Kirsty Williams was down to ask a question about designating a 'recycling' town in Wales.

I did some research about Cae Post and I was all primed to go. Came to Kirsty's question. Up she stood. "Will the First Minister consider designating a 'cycling' town in Wales." And I wasn't listening - but I was wonder why Rhodri Morgan was talking about mountain bikes and Danes being lucky that they are able to ride on flat ground. Now, its not unusual for Rhodri to ignore a question and answer a completely different one - but this seemed odd, even for him. It only dawned on me that I had mis-read the question on the order paper as I was called by the Presiding Officer. I did manage something about what the Government was doing to use the success of Nicole Cooke to inspire our nation to 'get on their bikes'. Mind you, Rhodri would probably have been happy to answer my question about Cae Post - and I'm not sure many would have noticed.

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I would have done!