Saturday, January 06, 2007

Love, Lembit and December 6th - Wow

Now, what was I doing on Dec 6th last year. I really can't remember - but we all know what Lembit Opik was doing. According to Margit Irimia in today's Daily Mail, he was busy consummating his relationship with her daughter, Gabriela. Apparently, mum has this 'act of union' marked on her calender. Mrs Iremia also tells us that 'Lem' sleeps naked - and that since the relationship started, Gabriela has taken to sleeping naked as well. She also tells us that if Gabi gets cold, she just snuggles up to 'Lem'. Despite this, Gabi swears that there was no hanky-panky until Dec 6th. And then, on Xmas Eve, 'Lem' turned up on the doorstep with bath salts and chocs for Gabi's mum and some doggie treats for Rover, the Irish Wolfhound This is impressive attention to detail.

It looks as if this romance is the real deal. Methinks it had better be. I would not like to get on the wrong side of Margit Irimia by being too much of a party animal when Gabi is otherwise occupied. And if I was 'Lem' I would check what else she has got written on her calender. It is not that she's from Transylvania - or that the twins were born on Halloween. Its just that she seems so very protective of her 'cheeky' girls - that God help anyone who messes with them. I think he had better check that Margit hasn't already booked the church and ordered the cake.

I was at a meeting with Lembit in Newtown last night, discussing wind farms and renewable energy. He looked a bit distracted to me - especially when Mick Bates kept calling him 'my leader'. At the time, I had thought that he was concerned about a challenge to his leadership in Wales from the redoubtable Eleanor Burnham. But perhaps he was contemplating how he is going to manage his new unofficial publicity agent!!


Anonymous said...

Is Lembit actually doing any work?

Solo jetting to NI (so much for Lib Dem green policy), flight to Inverness, not spending a minute apart from you know who.

Montgomeryshire has been Lib Dem for a long time, and it feels a bit like he's taking advantage of a secure seat for his own personal benefit.

Anonymous said...

The more that comes out in the press the more the mother sounds like a pimp for her daughters. But as the saying goes...let the buyer beware ...........