Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Swimming with Carl.

I'm trying to find out where Carl Sergeant goes swimming. And I suspect that everyone else who heard his contribution to the 'Smoking Ban' debate today will be just as keen. If the answer is not found - and publicised - there could be a massive reduction in the number of people who attend Flintshire swimming pools.

Carl was making the point that smoke wends its way through the air and finds its way into some unsuspecting person's lungs. His analogy was that when a swimmer 'wees in a swimming pool', some unsuspecting fellow-occupier of the pool cops it. I see what he was getting at - but we all wondered what experience he was speaking from.

We have a debate on the quality of drinking water next week. I am looking forward to Carl's intervention.


Anonymous said...

Glyn, I was doing some surfing to find what people were blogging around the country. Thank you for making me laugh! It is so important in government to be able to retain some sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

Once again Carl shows the quality of the average AM representing North Wales. No wonder very few people will bother to vote in May. Wha ever happened to Ron Davies's idea of the 'brightest and the best'being in the Assembly?

Anonymous said...

How far can you take your humour when it comes to this post? I have lots of pictures that are entering my mind and of course, questions about how does Carl know that some people pee in the pool? Has he been a victim or a sinner???

Anonymous said...

For four years Carl has been taking the Pee out of the elctors of North Wales.

Glyn Davies AM said...

I agree with Vicky. If I were to be deadly serious all the time, my wife and sons wouldn't read my blog at all.

Anyway, I only tell it the way I hear it. I let you be the judge of taste. Carl wasn't ruled out of order.