Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Voters Deserve a Choice

No-one would deny that Adam Price is an able politician - but he has spent too long in London. In today's Western Mail he states that Plaid Cymru will "never allow" a Conservative led coalition to govern in the National Assembly. This statement warrents interpretation.

We all expect Labour to lose enough seats to eliminate any prospect of a Labour only Government. A categorical refusal to consider working with the Conservatives means that Adam is committed to joining a Labour coalition, irrespective of how badly Labour perform. I do not think the Welsh people deserve the restricted choice of Labour or a Labour led coalition. There will be a political price to be paid for guaranteeing Rhodri Morgan continuation in office - even if Labour has a catastrophic result.

To quote Taurus ap Thomas, "I hear my country cry out for the chains of Labour's to be broken. Oh, what painful irony it is that Plaid Cymru, who claim to love her most, then block her path to freedom"


Anonymous said...

Tomos Livingstone on Nick Bourne in yesterday's Western Mail:

"The singling out of Plaid is further evidence that the idea of coalition between the two parties after the May elections has been abandoned."

Is he wrong?

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Glyn Davies AM said...

Blamerbell, Tomos is wrong about this.
There will inevitably be a real battle between Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives up until May 3rd. but I do not believe there will be any 'singling out'. All parties will be pointing out the weaknesses of each others policies until May 3rd. There is no coalition in place at present.

My contention is that on May 4th, there will be a choice for Plaid and the Lib Dems as to which form of coalition is best for Wales. I believe that the Tories could well be the most attractive option for them, if they put Wales and principle ahead of bruised egos.

I don't actually like the idea of coalition myself - but I like the idea of Rhodri Morgan's Labour Party simply carrying on as the Government (propped up by either Plaid or the Lib Dems) a good deal less.

One reason why Nick is commenting on Plaid at present is that they are putting forward some policies deserving of such comment.

Anonymous said...

Glyn, you might wish to turn on the function which says 'Show word verification for comments' in the settings for your blog.

That way you can avoid all the spam you seem to be getting.

Anonymous said...

In a statement today, Cheryl Gillan says, "We disagree with Plaid Cymru whose policies will take Wales down the road to economic ruin and political isolation."

Is HQ talking to Cardiff on this one?

Anonymous said...

where was that statement, chanticleer?

Anonymous said...

In a press release from the party's Cardiff Bay spin doctor, Bethan