Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tories - We are a Changin

I have long thought Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis to be a top man. His 100% committment to the Cameron cause after his defeat in the leadership battle marks him out as something special. My only reservation has been that David has such a uncompromising right-wing reputation - while I have always been a bit more wimpish. So imagine my delight when I see David leading today's Tory attack on 'human trafficking'.

The world has just been celebrating the 200th anniversary of the end of the slave trade. The human trafficking that is happening today is probably much worse - reputedly 2 million women and children world-wide. The sheer scale of prostitution that is being 'forced' on Eastern European women is a crime against humanity. From the media coverage of the Ipswich murders,we learned that there were over 50 prostitutes in that small town. It beggers belief. 85% of the prostitutes in the UK are Eastern European - many coming here on a false expectation of a normal job, before being forced into a sordid life of exploitation. I don't suppose this is going to be a popular cause but I am really proud that my party is giving this scandal a high priority.

The UK needs a Border Police Force with specialist skills, we need to see a lot more arrests of the criminals responsible, more safe accommodation and helplines. And it would be a statemsent of intent if the UK signed up to the European Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings. This really is a changed Tory Party arguing for all these things - and David Davis is leading on it. He is an even better man than I thought.

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Jonathan Sheppard said...

I was once told by a friend who works in the immigration service at a London airport that they had to enforce a rule whereby women they knew or suspected of being brought into the country for the sex industry had either to a) be sent back home on a flight b) given temporary leave to stay if a return flight wasn't available within 24 hours as there was no accomodation at all for women to temporary retain then.

This shambles meant that those given temporary leave to stay could never be tracked and then entered the murky sex industry (undoubtedly against their will). If true and I have no reason to doubt it, it's a disgrace.