Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cardiff Bay Reflections Annual Awards - 2007

AM of the year
Sue Essex - No hesitation. Has been 'virtual' First Minister for the last two years. A real 'power behind the throne'. Her retirement in May will be a real loss to Welsh politics

Welsh Politician of the year
Sue Essex - see above.

UK Politician of the year.
David Cameron - He has changed British politics and given a real prospect of victory to my party. And he has put 'the environment' at the heart of British politics. David has a big year coming up as he moves on to firming up policy and taking on Gordon Brown.

Journalist of the year.
Martin Shipton - Walked this competition in 2005 but there was much tougher competition in 2006. The David Kelly effect is finally wearing off. On ITV, Lee Waters grew into a searching interviewer - and I enjoyed Rhianydd Richard's grilling of IWJ after his change of position on the Assembly budget. Martin really crucifies hypocrits and has really got under the skin of the Assembly Government's spin machine.

Welsh sportsperson of the year.
Nicole Cooke - with Joe Calzaghe a close second.

UK sportsperson of the year
Nicole Cooke - with Joe Calzaghe a close second.

World sportsperson of the year.
Ritchie McCaw - with Shane Warne a close second

Political entertainer of the year
Lembit Opik - Established himself as the frontrunner during the Lib-Dem leadership election in January and blew the opposition away with his own very public and personal bonding session to welcome Romania and her people to the EU in December. A favorite to retain the title next year.

Political row of the year.
Joint winners - Dafydd Elis-Thomas and John Marek. Tomos Livingstone gave this award to Peter Hain and Elfyn Llwyd. These two Westminster MPs were mere clumsy amateurs. For sheer cut and thrust, elegance of phrase and subtlety of put-down there was no contest. Tomos called this one wrong.

Political mistake of the year.
Ieuan Wyn Jones - No contest. Only one winner. Leading Nick Bourne and Mike German into a press conference to announce that he was going to vote against the final Assembly budget without being prepared to accept the position of First Minister if Rhodri resigned was a big, big mistake. Sue Essex saw through that one immediately and gave IWJ only the tiniest of fig leaves to cover his embarrassment as he led his party into the abstention lobby.

Welsh political event of the year.
Formal opening of The Sennedd by HMS, the Queen.

UK political event of the year.
Tony Blair's interview by the police over 'loans for honours'.

World political event of the year.
Execution of Saddam Hussein.

Brass neck of the year.
Glyn Davies - I had thought about giving this award to Alun Cairns for describing himself as a fashion trendsetter - but in the end I gave it to myself for presenting a half hour video introducing young people to the architectural masterpiece, which is the Sennedd. The video ran over and over again on screens throughout the building at the official opening. Bearing in mind that I had led the opposition to the project up until it had been started, even I felt a touch shame-faced.

Welsh personality of the year.
Clive Rowlands - No contest.
Rugby legend and personal hero. Former Wales captain and coach. Heroic recovery from colorectal cancer - with willingness to help promote awareness. And he made a brilliantly funny speech at the wonderful evening's tribute to the Pontypool Front Row in the Coal Exchange this summeer, without using any profane language. Clive is a truly great Welshman and I am proud to know him.

And finally, - I would like to congratulate my old mate, Mick Bates on winning the Wales on Sunday 'Buffoon of the Year' title - courtesy of Matt Withers. I wonder how many times one has to win this 'perpetual' award to be allowed to hold the title on a permanent basis.


Lee Waters said...

In disgust at failing to be named journalist of the year by such a distinguished judge I am leaving the profession. You don't realise the power you have!

Glyn Davies AM said...

But Lee, the question is for how long you will be able to resist the lure of politics.
I have posted before that I thought your 'Ieuan the Movie' was the most enjoyable interview of the year - and your 'Yes, there have been discussions' interview with Nick Bourne was the most influential. You cannot expect to win everything. Enjoy Sustrans and stay in touch.

Lee Waters said...

When will I ever learn that irony doesn't work on the web!