Friday, December 29, 2006

Mike German Talking Sense

The title of this post will shock my friends in Cardiff Bay - and for two reasons. Firstly, that the leader of the Lib-Dems should talk sense - and secondly that I would be willing to go public on it. But since I decided that for democracy to become meaningful in Wales, there has to be at least the prospect of a non-Labour Government, I realised that we Tories must open our minds to working with Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats. This means that I must set aside a lifetime of tribal antipathy to Liberals (under whatever banner they are selling themselves) and acknowledge that it is possible for them to say sensible things - sometimes. The MP, Vince Cable has played a big part in this.

In today's Western Mail, Martin Shipton reports that Mike German is looking to be back in his ministerial car again next May. He is quoted as saying "My goal is to in Government next May - because that is where politics can change things". Now, in practical terms this can only mean one of two scenarios. Either Mike is looking for another Lib-Lab Pact (which he will find difficult to sell to his party without an absolute committment to proportional representation in local government - which Labour will never accept) or it means a 'Rainbow Coalition' with Tories and Plaid Cymru.

I still believe this to be a possibility. And so does Mike German. As Martin Shipton writes, 'it is the mathematics that will decide the make-up of the post-May Assembly Goverment'. In his New Year Message Mike German rightly says "Widespread discontent with Labour's directionless solo four years in the Assembly mean there are opportunities for all opposition parties at this election". All we need now is the same pragmatic grown-up approach from Plaid Cymru.

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Anonymous said...

What I find most shocking is that you've got friends in Cardiff Bay.