Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tribute to Warne

No 2 son off to Australia today, to watch the last two 'Ashes' test matches. When he bought his tickets three months ago he was hoping to be there for the deciding games. Instead, it is all over - and a whitewash beckons. I hope my son appreciates his privileged opportunity to watch the greatest test bowler there has ever been playing in his last two tests before retirement from international cricket. I have never tired of watching Shane Warne in action. It is not just the 700 wickets - but the sheer force of personality than has won so many matches for the Aussies over the last decade. It is ordained that Warne will take wickets at the MCG, (which is his home ground) next week. Patrick will also have the chance to see another truly great bowler, Glenn McGrath play his last test match in the 5th test at the SCG.

Just think how many wickets Warne would have taken if he had not lived a bit on the wild side. My favourite story was about how Michael Vaughan inspired England players to such heights in the '05 series. He just told his players that unless they performed well, he would give Shane the mobile phone numbers of their wives and girlfriends!!

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