Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lee Cycles Off - For Now

Over the last few months this blog has become a fan of Lee Waters - ITV's Waterfront presenter. Not a natural frontman - but he turned out to be an incisive interviewer. His 'Ieuan - The Movie' interview was a real gem and his ' Coalition discussions have taken place' interview with Nick Bourne was the most influential interview of the year. Lee is a strong candidate for this blog's 'Journalist of the Year' awards which will be announced later this week.

But Lee is off to pastures new. He will do a good job at Sustrans Cymru - but I predict that he will be back on the political scene within 5 years. I see him as an AM rather than as an MP.


paulw said...

For which party?!

Glyn Davies AM said...

Sorry Paul, but I don't want to embarrass a good man going into a job where 'political independence' may be important. I try to maintain a resposible blog, and not cause offence if I can avoid it. And anyway, the way things are changing, who knows which party will match anyone's personal philosophy in 5 yrs time.