Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sense Prevails over Powys Orthopaedic Needs

I am very pleased that Powys patients whose appointments for orthopaedic treatment at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital at Gobowen up until next April had been cancelled last week, are to have their appointments re-instated. The decision taken last Friday, to cancel all treatment until the next financial year was seriously shocking - and it would have far better if the discussions which have taken place this week and produced agreement between the Hospital and the Powys Local Health Board, had taken place last week.

There is a desperate need for the two organisations to work out a better system of dealing with patients than just holding discussions after desperately needed operations have been cancelled. Powys patients, suffering in serious pain have been on an emotional roller-coaster over the last few days. I hope that such an utterly scandalous disregard for Powys patients never happens again.

I was also very disappointed to receive a Press Release from the Powys LHB this afternoon, seeking to put the blame on the Hospital. I understand that efforts to agree a press statement between the two bodies had failed. This sort of 'childish' behaviour gives me little confidence that we will see a more grown up approach in the future. I just hope that every media outlet throws the LHBs puerile press statement into the waste paper bin- where it belongs. It is powys people that matter - not some official's ego.

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