Monday, December 04, 2006

Xmas Disaster

Yesterday morning I competed in the Santa Run at Newtown. I have to do this every year so that my sons, who also compete, can enjoy visiting upon me the humiliation of defeat. This year I was in a weakened state, suffering the lingering effects of Staphylacoccus Aureae. I just wasn't ready for it and didn't spot the danger. As I crossed the finishing line, out of the crowd leapt Lembit Opik, who put a friendly arm around my shoulder. To make matters worse, this act of support was captured by a passing cameraman.

Now, those who read this blog will remember the disastrous effect that 'The Curse of Lembit' had on the career of every potential leader of the Liberal Democrats when Charles Kennedy was forced to resign earlier this year. I fear the worst. Any 'leadership' ambitions that I might have had have been immediately suspended as a precaution.

a) Mick Bates was there. He was so busy entertaining the crowd with hand gestures that he missed the camara - another first.
b) In yesterday's Sunday Telegraph I read that Mark Oaten had been thinking of joining the Conservatives. Should have made me aware of the 'Curse'
c) While out on the run, I noticed that Lembit's Office in Newtown is still called the Liberal Office - no sign of the Democrat word.


Anonymous said...

Fair Play to you, Glyn. At least you ran the Santa Run, which is more than Mick Bates or Lembit Opik.

I too took part in the Santa Run, coming in in a little over 35 minutes. I can remember overtaking you as we approached the football ground!

My legs are still hurting!

Damon said...

Well done! Lembit was probably hanging on to you to avoid being hit by a falling asteroid, though.