Monday, December 04, 2006

James Powell and the NFU

This 'blog' is opposed to the gratuitous use of profanity. But the recent conviction of James Powell, a Llangynidr farmer cannot pass without comment. According to the Brecon and Radnor Express he was found guilty of 'displaying words likely to cause harrassment, alarm or distress' and was given a conditional discharge. He was also ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs.

Now to my involvment. At this year's Royal Welsh Show, I visited the NFU Building and ventured out onto the balcony which affords a spendid view of the Main Ring.. Immediately, I spotted someone in the passing throng, waving and smiling in my direction. I naturally responded only for several others to join in the exchange of friendly gestures. For fully 10 minutes, I thought my political campaigning was paying the sort of dividend that I have been dreaming of. I felt the inner warmth of public appreciation enter my deeper conciousness. Then I turned around and the inner glow evaporated, as does any spark of goodwill at First Minister's Questions.

High up on the roof behind me was Mr James Powell, holding aloft a huge banner proclaiming that my hosts, the NFU were 'No F****** Use'. Spiderman himself would not have won as much attention. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the whole affair was that the man who manages the NFU Building at Llanelwedd told the court that he was deeply upset and distressed by the use of such language. I have to observe that this man doesn't get out much. He needs to spend time talking less to farmers and other countrymen who have been left trailing in the profanity stakes. I would further advise him not to drive down St Mary's St. in the evening with his car window down. He would hear worse than that pouring forth from the mouths of babes with angelic faces, just chatting on the pavement.

As it happens, I consider the NFU to be an exceptionally competent body.

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