Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Go back to your constituencies and prepare for Government"

Wow! I've just been down to a Joint Press Briefing by the leaders of Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. The message was clear. There has been no agreement on the Assembly Government's Final Budget. On Wednesday,next week, all the opposition AMs are going to combine to vote it down.

Vaughan Roderick when asking his question reminded everyone that Rhodri Morgan has said publicly that if he fails to get his budget through, he will resign. When the inevitable question was put, the answer was clear. Mike German said that if Rhodri were to kick the ball into the middle of the pitch, the opposition parties would pick it up. Nick Bourne said when asked if they were ready to form a Government in place of Labour, "Yes, of course we will".

Now, this is big stuff. Heels have been dug into the ground. Are Labour about to resign? The answer could be 'Yes'. So I say to all oposition AMs as they prepare for their Xmas break, go back to your constituecies and prepare for Government - from next week!!

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Welsh Spin said...

So which job are you hoping for Glyn?