Monday, December 04, 2006

Cheerless Christmas

I received my first Xmas card this morning. I am not sure who it was from but it had printed upon it a poem as cheerless as aKyffin landscape.

Wheel of Misfortune

Wales, Wales
My beautiful,gentle, rugged homeland
How I ache to see your plight
Feel your pain, share your shame
Your moss like fields so pleasing to the eye
Turned into scrap-yards,
It makes me cry
Your green grass verges stoned and staked
For people's greed and parking space
Your majestic woodlands defiled, and raped
Trapped they have no escape

Unwanted, unnecessary, unneeded,
Caravan parks mushrooming up
Devouring, taking, marring your landscape
Never to be replaced
Your footprints strewed with cars
Silently waiting for the inevitable
Lamp-posts, road signs, roundabouts dripping with advertising
Road-side selling, highway billboards
Soiling, spoiling your stately fabric
How can the powers that be
Stand idly by
And live with what they see
As long as there is breath in me
I must object to what 'I' see

With one or two changes this could be renamed 'Ode to a Wind Turbine'

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