Saturday, December 30, 2006

Swan Lake on Ice

It's a fabulous show. We went to see it last night. It's the best production that I've been to at the Millenium Centre. It's the Imperial Ice Stars performance of Swan Lake on Ice. Not to be missed.

Prince Siegfried and his best mate, Benno put me in mind of David Cameron and George Osborne. The heroic prince took some time to look at his options before deciding on which way to go, and then made the right choice - and then it was a case of 'happy ever after'. Personally, I'd have made the wrong choice. Odile, the Black Swan appeals to me more than Odette, the goody-goody White Swan - just as I prefer the Charlotte Church image to the Katherine Jenkins image. There is something irresistable about taking the less safe option.

The show really took off when the evil Rothbart came on stage. For me he was the star of the show - dressed in threatening black and full of menace and brilliant skating. Rothbart was bursting with talent but was undone by hubris. Reminded me of Rod Richards. Its a pity Tchaikovsky didn't live to create a sequel called 'Revenge of the Black Swan'.

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