Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Christmas

Following all the fuss, I have been checking our Xmas cards to note how many of the senders have dropped any reference to Christmas. Almost all of them wish us a 'Happy Christmas'.So, we wouldn't have needed to throw many away, even if I was as miserably principled as some of my favourite writers who find 'Season's Greetings' unacceptable.

And depressingly, I note that top blogger Iain Dale condemns those who use pre-printed labels on Xmas card envelopes. It would have taken me hours to write out the 400 addresses on the cards that we sent - and I would not have had time to write personal comments on the cards. In any case, I suspect that some of the 'written by hand' envelopes are actually written by secretaries. An interesting question is whether Iain would prefer to receive an envelope with a sticky label which had been stuck on by the sender- or one handwritten by the sender's secretary!

And now I read about Xmas cards which look as if they have been signed - but which have in fact only been 'stamped' with a realistic 'signiature'. In particular, David Cameron is reported to have sent both 'stamped' and 'signed' cards which look identical. I'd assumed that our card from our leader had been personally signed because it looked so realistic with 'David' and 'Samantha' written in different coloured inks. Surely not stamped? Anyway, I do not want to know! As far as I'm concerned, I have a rugby shirt, personally signed by Gordon Brown and a Christmas card, personally signed by David and Samantha Cameron.

Happy Christmas.

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