Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lembit Update

Lembit had better sort out Gabiela's mother as well as Rocky, her Irish Wolfhound. It did not look good today hearing Lembit reported as saying that Mrs Irimia had raised Gabriela's right to stay in the UK - and then hearing her deny it. He needs to make sure the impending mother-in-law stays on message. I would be sorry if this aspect of the unfolding drama were to turn into some sort of Hinduja scandal. It would be a real shame if this story became 'serious'.

The Daily Telegraph really must get its act together. Yesterday it had a photograph of Lembit with the two Cheeky Girls and Lembit tells me that my daily read identified the wrong one as Gabriela. Normally, I accept as absolute anything that is printed in the Telegraph but on this matter I have to take Lembit's word for it. But it would be a terrific story if Lembit sometimes gets it wrong himself. Not sure Mrs Irimia would think much of that though.

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