Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Weekly Garden Post

Its the season of groups visiting our garden. This coming week, its Pontrobert Women's Institute and Welshpool Flower Club. I'm showing off some of the herbaceous plants this week. First up is another of the alliums - and this one occasionally seeds itself. I think its called something like Allium 'spectabilis' but I could be wrong here. Corrections welcome.
Next up is catmint. This is a really good plant for a dry site, where there's room for it. When Smokey was alive, we enjoyed watching him rolling around in it - verging on the indecently. We're expecting Andy and Doody to move down with my mother-in-law to live in a building we've almost finished converting, opposite our house shortly. There'll be more 'rolling in the catmint' at the Cil.
And then its the peony. We don't grow many herbaceous peonies, and only the old 'Bowl of Beauty' in any number. Looks great, but for a short season, and that can be spoilt by rain.
Finally today, there's the geraniums, which we tend to underrate a bit. But they are easy, flower for a long time, and provide a second flush if cut back. Next week it will probably be altreomarias.


Anonymous said...

Where do I get Welsh Poppy plants from

Glyn Davies said...

VM - Don't know, but its probably best from a specialist seed catalogue. We used to grow a few plants of Meconopsis Cambrica, which Mrs D grew from seed (Thompson and Morgan I think) but they do tend to die out. They are a lovely shade of blue. I'll find out for sure on Thursday, when she's home from the Nottingham Tennis Tournament.

Glyn Davies said...
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Glyn Davies said...

VM - Sorry. Not concentrating. I meant yellow. We also grew a blue variety of meconopsis, which we grew from seed. We did grow the Welsh poppy from seed, but Mrs D reckons that you can find plants in some nurseries.