Monday, June 16, 2008

Davis - tilting at real giants.

I must stop blogging about David Davis' stunning deision to resign last week. But this in today's Telegraph is the best article about the issue that I've read so far.


eric said...

still don't get it glyn, good article, quite england focused which is a shame, but still see little to fear. As long as the checks on the state such as parliament, free media, the law, etc remain, i still don't see the issue. What was interesting was the comment that legisaltion has been used as coial respect and care have gone. That is the real malaise.

Glyn Davies said...

eric - I just don't share your confidence in the 'goodness' of the state. But you are not alone. All the polls show that the Tories were in a minority on this, and its tough to be in a minority when burdened with an intense belief.