Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Simon Easterby Revisited.

We bloggers like receiving unusual or appreciative comments. And if we like them, why not bring them to your attention is what I say. Anyway, several months ago, I published a post lauding the quality of Simon Easterby, back row forward extraordinaire, good all round bloke, Scarlets legend, honorary Welshman, etc.

Had a comment from Robin Young today on that post, which was published so long ago that normally, no-one would note it. It read;

"I agree with your sentiments about Simon Easterby entirely. I knew Simon as a young man playing his rugby for Harrogate in Yorkshire when he was under the coaching genius of my father, Jeff Young.
He has matured fantastically into a brilliant grafting back row forward who has never taken a backward step, but has always maintained that acute level of decorum off the field. A real gent.
Well done to you for honouring him as an adopted Welshman. No higher honour can be bestowed."

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