Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Hosta Walk

Its Hostas this week. I've been tidying up the Hosta Walk this afternoon. It doubles as the Magnolia Walk earlier in the year. I'm preparing for the visit by Llanfair Caereinion Flower Club on Thursday. Its the first garden visit of the year. Welshpool Flower Club are coming a few days later. I like to act as the guide.

We grow about 30 different varieties of Hosta. They vary in size, leaf shape, leaf colour, and flower colour. They really are the easiest of plants to grow, and give good value for the best part of six months. And they are easy to propagate - by simple division. So you only need to buy one.

I've selected five from the Hosta Walk which look particularly good at the moment. I've left my spade in the ground by some of them to give you an idea of size. I'm not sure of the varieties - except that the biggest leaves belong to 'Sum and Substance'.

Many growers have trouble with slugs. For some reason we don't. They thrive in any reasonable soil, but do prefer it damp, and stand up with greater pride if they are not in full sun. Hostas are just about the best value plant in the garden. Too often, I see them stuck in a dark corner, where nothing else will grow, looking sad and unloved. I hope Llanfair Flower Club like them.

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