Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Service with Style

This afternoon, the incoming Chair of Powys County Council, Cllr. Miss Viola Evans, held her Civic Service at St. Mary's Church, Llanfair Caereinion. The lovely old church was full. There were chains of office in abundance. The whole event was quite an occasion. Nice to see Mick Bates, Lib Dem Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire out and about - first time since his recent hip operation. He looked cheerful, but not too comfortable. He clearly needs a bit more recuperation time before he's well enough for me to resume hostilities

The Montgomeryshire Ladies Choir (Merched Maldwyn) entertained us, and local undertaker, Geraint Peate treated us to a fine solo. I was particularly taken by Ruth Gittins singing 'Cartref'. And we had a mystery as well. The Reverend Peter Williams, Chairman's Chaplain based what was billed in the programme as his 'Address' on a discussion that might have taken place between Jesus and his Disciples. After a few minutes of a supposed dialogue, based on the absence of bread for supper, and who forgot to get it, I realised that I hadn't got a clue what he was talking about - The Reverend Williams that is. This rankled with me through the rest of the Service, so after it was over, I asked several people to explain - but no-one else had understood the message either. I think it was a story that needed a 100% sound system. I won't be satisfied until I find out.

And then back up to my old high school where there was a sumptuous three course Civic Reception, and more entertainment from Ruth Gittins and her Choir. The do was in the Leisure Centre which has been built where the old bike shed used to be. Actually, it was more of a lawn mower tractor shed, but it played the same role in the teenager's education at Llanfair as bike sheds traditionally did in other schools. Things have moved on a lot since I was Chairman of Montgomeryshire District Council, when we didn't do anything formal at all. It was a good do though, and Viola looked regal yet again. And there were several exotic ladies hats on display.


Ralph said...

Any sign of the MP?

Glyn Davies said...

ralph - Yes. He was in the posh seats with all the chains. To be fair to he seems to be about quite a lot at the moment.