Sunday, June 08, 2008

Abermule Post Office Spared.

This was the dramatic Front Page headline in this weekend's Montgomeryshire County Times. Must admit that I was a bit taken aback by this. I had no idea that any decision had yet been made about the closure programme in Central Wales. And I'm trying to keep my ear close to the ground on this issue. I'd like to know where this little tit-bit of information came from.

I'll give Edna a ring in the morning. We've already had a chat about the Postwatch Wales recommendations to Post Office Ltd. We knew that Eifion Pritchard and his team at Capital Tower has asked that nine if the proposed closures should be reconsidered. Included in the nine are Garth Owen Post Office at Newtown (Cllr Bob Mills must have done a good campaigning job), and Abermule Post Office. I hope that Post Office Ltd listen.

Must say the case for saving from closure is weakened by the number being asked for. It was made quite explicit in the consultation meetings that 2,500 had to close across the country and my impression was that we'd be lucky to save two, rather than nine. Still, I'm with Postwatch all the way on this. I'm going to try to find out where the advance notice that Abermule is to be spared from closure came from though.


Anonymous said...

Glyn your standing in a ward as the Westminster candidate and you had no idea about an issue as big as the postal closures? The list came out last week!

Glyn Davies said...

anon - As far as I know, the only list that has appeared so far is of the recommendations by Post watch to Post Office Ltd. The only list that will count is that issued by Post Office Ltd, which I'm not expecting for a while yet. Many people are now asuming that Abrmule PO has bben saved. I very much hope that this is true, but I've not been able to have this confirmed by anyone as yet.

Anonymous said...

No Glyn the post office has published a list of the post offices under threat of closure which will now be under public scrutiny for the next 6 weeks (starting from when the list for central wales was published on June 3rd). Although i very much doubt there will be much give and take from the origional plans

Glyn Davies said...

anon - Well I didn't know about any decisions until today. And neither did any of the media that I talk to in Mid Wales. I believe there was some leak which referred to the two POs in Breconshire which are being reprieved last week. I'm very surprised to read that the list was published on June 3rd. You clearly have a very good source of information.